Prosciutto Producer and Stancija Bursic - Istria

Prosciutto Producer and Stancija Bursic

Tavern - homemade Istrian specialties

Our tavern is located near the Bursic Prosciutto producing unit.

Throughout the spring, autumn and winter we organize lunches and dinners with local Istrian dishes for special occasions (celebrations, weddings, parties, etc.) and groups of at least 15 and up to 150 people, only by prior arrangement. The outdoor terrace can accommodate 70 people.

In the summer our tavern works throughout the day with a short mid-day break for any guest that wishes to taste the Istrian cuisine.

biska (mistletoe brandy), medenica (honey brandy), olive liqueur, red wine liqueur

dishes from our own and other Istrian homemade products:
pancetta and prosciutto, homemade cow and sheep cheese (Vesna cheeses), Istrian olives, olive oil tasting, local wines

homemade minestrone

home made sausages with sauerkraut, gnocchi, fuzi and makaruni (home made pastas) with zgvacet (type of stew) with chicken, beef and boskarin (traditional Istrian cattle), homemade pasta with prosciutto stew, polenta with olive oil and prosciutto, roasted meat with potatoes, and by previous order veal shank under a baking bell or spaleta prepared in the old-fashioned way

homemade cakes

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Come and taste the Istrian cuisine - try homemade products of Prosciutto Producer and Stancija Bursic, and other Istrian producers of the indigenous Istrian food.