Istrian prosciutto

Prosciutto Producer and Stancija Bursic – Istria

Homemade Istrian prosciutto

Bursic prosciutto is the result of the traditional old-fashioned home production, dry cured with sea salt and natural spices, and dried in the cold wind named bura without the smoke. Such production guarantees an authentic Croatian product.

In the food industry, Istrian prosciutto is considered one of the healthiest products of this type.

The Association of Prosciutto Producers and its president who is the owner of the Prosciutto Producer and Stancija Bursic invested a lot of effort and work to achieve the goal to protect Istrian prosciutto, which is now registered in the register of protected designations of origin and protected with the geographical indication at the EU level. Therefore, its name is registered and protected in the common EU market.

The quality of our Istrian prosciutto is proven by numerous gold medals and awards from Croatian and international competitions and fairs The Bursic Istrian prosciutto is protected by the EU mark of excellence and registered as a Croatian product with the protected designation of origin that includes from farm to table control.