Vodnjan Spaleta

Prosciutto Producer and Stancija Bursic – Istria

Gastronomic event for everyone

Prosciutto Producer and Stancija Bursic is the founder and organizer of the traditional family gastronomic event Vodnjanska Spaleta, which offers a variety of Istrian cuisine specialties prepared by top chefs, promotes and presents indigenous Istrian products, organizes workshops for the youngest, competitions and prizes with a suitable entertainment program. The Spaleta takes place during Easter.

The event usually starts with the “Spaleta run” race from the “Run, Eat, Drink” cycle through the olive groves of Vodnjan, followed by a tournament in ‘pljockanje’ (a traditional game similar to bocce) and other sports and entertainment activities, and the fair of indigenous Istrian gourmet products. The kitchen is busy from the early afternoon with the guest chefs preparing the traditional Vodnjan spaleta – dishes based on the old and well trusted recipes.

This manifestation revives the Easter custom of preparing a spaleta that used to be brought to the church to be blessed, while today it is an opportunity for a fun family get-together, presentation of traditional Istrian products and tasting good local cuisine.

Come to Vodnjan Spaleta (Easter Monday), spend the day having fun in sports and entertainment, browsing the fair and buying traditional products, and taste the delicious Istrian cuisine prepared with the indigenous local products.